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Serving Our Region Since 1997

Meet The Skyrunner Team

At Skyrunner, our team of engineers, tower climbers, network analysts, technicians, and customer service representatives collaboratively enhance and extend our network. We deliver broadband Internet, voice, and networking services to homes and businesses in North Carolina, South Carolina, and Tennessee. We take pride in our round-the-clock efforts to ensure your seamless connectivity, working diligently behind the scenes to serve our clients.

JJ Boyd


Andrew Hayes

VP of Technology

Ginny Hankins

VP of Strategic Management

Cassie Serig

VP of Operations

Graeme Riley

Senior Network Engineer

Brett Goeringer

Customer Support Director

Florian Rumme

Project Manager

Julia Cunningham

Business Development Manager

Chris Lindley

Network Infrastructure Engineer
(Fiber, Tower, Solar)

Josh Howerton

Finance Manager

Kate Jameson-Fowler

Purchasing Specialist

Jordyn Brygidowicz


Lucas Riley

OSP Manager

Zach Thompson

Network Analyst

Gabe Skwara

Lead Technician
(Safety Specialist)

Seth Turner

Network Technician
(Wireless, Fiber, Tower)

Seth Barker

Broadband Tech
(Wireless, Fiber)

Zach Friedman

Broadband Tech
(Wireless, Tower)

Max Gard

Broadband Tech
(Wireless, Tower)

Alex Morie

Broadband Tech
(Wireless, Fiber)

Aaron Dillingham

Customer Service Rep
(Tier 2)

Colin Redpath

Customer Service Rep
(Tier 1)

Patrick Cadell

Customer Service Rep
(Tier 1)

Noah Sutphin

Customer Service Rep
(Tier 1)

Ashley Taylor

Customer Service Rep
(Tier 1)

Lon Springer

Broadband Tech

Nathan Muecke

Broadband Tech

Seth Hancock

Broadband Tech

Jesse Blackwell

Broadband Tech

Will Barnes

Outside Plant Specialist

Tyler Martin

Outside Plant Specialist

Eli Lindley

Fiber Drop Crew

Adam Peacock

Fiber Drop Crew

Nathan Gallion

Fiber Drop Crew

Marquise Young

Fiber Drop Crew

Bob Lantis

Customer Support Rep

Rooted In Community Since 1997

Founded in Asheville, NC in 1997, Skyrunner was among the first Internet Service Providers to provide Fixed Wireless service. Beginning with larger institutions like Buncombe County Schools and Omni Grove Park Inn, our successes led Public Interest Projects, an Asheville-based community growth team to invest in the start-up.

Skyrunner Internet now provides Fiber and Fixed Wireless Service to thousands of homes and businesses in our region. We have a team of over 35 employees headquartered in Asheville. We offer innovative and flexible Internet services to the communities we live in.

Strong Values and Company Culture

If you ask any Skyrunner customer what makes them happy to work with Skyrunner, they will likely mention the friendly and supportive staff in the office and in the field. Team Skyrunner has created a work culture that supports openness, high involvement, and dream chasing. We believe that a strong, positive, and evolving company culture cradles a high functioning support staff and effective solutions for all.

Skyrunner meets as a full team multiple times per year to review finances and discuss the future of our company. We gather input from all employees and grow as a group toward a common goal.

Creating a strong team helps us keep a happy and growing customer base. We are deeply grateful for the business of our neighbors! Without our customers, we wouldn’t get the chance to do what we love.

Work at Skyrunner

Skyrunner does not have any current active job openings, but we are always looking for the right people to join our team. If you are interested in working at Skyrunner Internet now or in the future, you can send a cover letter and resume to Include the type of work you’d like to do on our team, and we’ll keep you in mind next time we have an open spot!