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  • Enjoy access to great WiFi around town.
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What to Expect

Local Support

With a small team of dedicated technicians and customer service agents, you will get to know us by name. It works like a partnership. When it comes to business cases we take time to learn each client’s needs, discuss a strategy, and later will know how to take care of the specific questions that pertain to you. We will be happy you called and we hope you will be too.

Customized Internet Services

Do you need your Internet connection to accommodate complex business services like VPNs, ipsec, or hosted servers? Do you need advice on email management, web hosting, or network security? Skyrunner works with business accounts individually, we evaluate all the needs and come up with a strategy that best fits the data demand, speed, and cost.

Dependability & Security

Unlike other Internet providers, Skyrunner uses point-to-point radio links that are secure and send data through the air. This helps prevent physical problems like cable damage due to a tree fall or power-outage due to construction. Because of this unique technology, Skyrunner Internet is both dependable and secure for thousands of users.

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  • Service interruptions resolved very quickly with updates direct to your phone.
  • Customized Internet, Wi-Fi, Data Center and Security solutions to meet each business’s needs.
  • Technical support: router configuration, VPN support, and networking.

  • Redundancy services: remote data backups and backup Internet connections.

  • Local networks: custom private connections within buildings and between buildings.
  • Static, public IP addresses allowing remote access from anywhere in the world.

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