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Troubleshoot Your Connection

1. Check Another Website

Sometimes a website is down. Check a different website. If you can access other websites, then the website is down. If you can’t access other websites, move to next step!

2. Check Your Device

Ensure your device (computer, laptop, phone, or tablet) is connected to the Internet by WiFi or cable. If you still cannot access websites, move to next step.

3. Restart Your Device

Shut down and restart your device the device you’re using. Restarting your device can help reestablish your connection. If this doesn’t help, move to the next step.

4. Power Cycle Router

A router is a small box that is usually black or white, has lights on the front and might have one or more antennas. Unplug your router from electricity, count to 20, and plug it back in. Check to see if you can now access the Internet. Do not press the reset button on your router – this will remove any special WiFi settings on the router.

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5. Check Cable Connections

Locate the power adapter for the Skyrunner antenna. It’s a small black or white box (about 1×3 inches) with only 2 Ethernet ports. Check to see the Ethernet cables are firmly connected to their ports. Read the small labels above the ports on the power adapter. Make sure the Ethernet from your router goes to the LAN port and the Ethernet from your Skyrunner antenna goes to the POE port.

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6. Power Cycle Skyrunner Antenna

If you’re still unable to get to websites on all devices in your home, try power cycling our antenna. Do this by unplugging the power adapter (the small box with 2 ports) for about 20 seconds. Plug it back into power, and give our antenna a minute to reconnect to the tower.

7. Bypass Your Router

Disconnect the LAN Ethernet cable from your WiFi Router and plug directly into the Ethernet port on a computer. Wait about 1 minute, and try access websites on the computer. If you can access sites, the issue is likely with your router.

8. Target The Issue

If you’ve tried all of our suggestions and you’re still unable to connect, please call Skyrunner and we’ll be happy to help. You can reach our tech support team 24/7 at (828) 258-8562, extension 1 for tech support.

Frequently Asked Questions

Will I be able to stream and play video games with Skyrunner Internet? ↓

Yes. Most video streaming services (Netflix, Amazon Prime, Hulu, etc.) require between 3-5 Mbps download speed for SD and HD quality streaming. Skyrunner Internet has standard plans with 6 Mbps download and 10 Mbps download that support most streaming. If you have questions about how much bandwidth a specific streaming service needs, you can usually find that information on their website.

What’s the difference between fixed wireless Internet and satellite Internet? ↓

Fixed wireless Internet uses a receiver to connect you to a broadcast site on earth within 10-20 miles from your home. We do not utilize satellites orbiting earth anywhere in our network. Because you’ll be connected directly to an earth-bound broadcast, weather won’t affect your service the way it would satellite.

How can I pay my bill? ↓

You can pay your Skyrunner bill online through the customer portal at You can pay by phone at (828) 258-8562. You are also welcome to mail or deliver a check to our office at 5 Ravenscroft Drive, Suite 207, Asheville, NC.

How much monthly data have I used? ↓

You can check your data usage anytime at We will send you email notifications once you’ve used 75%, 90%, and 100& of your data threshold. You can change your plan at anytime by contacting Skyrunner.

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