Skyrunner Internet Service Guide

We aim to provide the best Internet services in Western North Carolina and to provide expert, friendly, responsive local customer support. We welcome feedback from our customers to help us achieve this goal. Please, contact us anytime!

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Services we provide:

Some features of Skyrunner broadband Internet service:

  • Service available at multiple levels to meet every need and budget
  • Very reliable – 99.99% network uptime
  • Unlimited data plans available
  • All Internet plans include unlimited data from midnight to 6am every day
  • Complete indoor and outdoor WiFi solutions from small apartments to large homes and businesses or multiple buildings
  • Free website login to monitor your data use
  • No contracts – upgrade or downgrade your plan or cancel service anytime
  • No taxes or fees added to our service prices
  • No price increases after an introductory period
  • Building to building wireless links to connect two or more buildings on one property
  • Drop your monthly bill to $10 while you’re away from the property
  • Backup Internet service
  • Datacenter solutions
  • Network outages and repairs prioritized and resolved rapidly with updates to your phone
  • 100% money back guarantee – full refund of installation fee and first month of service if you’re not satisfied and cancel service within the first month

Installation of Hardware

Unless negotiated otherwise, antennas, antenna mounting hardware, cable and power adapter(s) that Skyrunner installs on your property remains the property of Skyrunner. We expect to reclaim this equipment if you cancel service and will bill you for loss of the equipment if we cannot recover it. Any hardware inside your building which Skyrunner installs for the purpose of providing services to multiple tenants in the building remains the property of Skyrunner.

Networking Hardware

Optional networking hardware such as routers, access points, switches, and/or additional cabling can be purchased from Skyrunner. The installation of the first WiFi router or access point is included in the installation fee, separate from the cost of the hardware. The installation of any additional networking hardware is $75/hour plus the cost of the hardware. Hardware purchased from Skyrunner Internet comes with a 1 year failure warranty for new hardware and a 30 day failure warranty for used hardware. Any hardware that fails outside of these warranties, or any hardware purchased from a third party, can be repaired or replaced by Skyrunner, which has a minimum charge of $75.00/hour plus the cost of the hardware.


Our advertised speeds refer to the speed provided to your property. The result of a speed test depends on multiple factors, many of which can be outside of our control, including the effectiveness of your WiFi hardware or devices. However, if the performance of your Internet service or the results of multiple speed tests is consistently slower than 80% of your plan, please contact us and we will work with you to identify the cause. If the cause is provision of slow speed to your location, we will resolve it or create a new service plan with you. If there is a different cause, we’re happy to help you resolve it within the boundaries of our expertise but we cannot take full responsibility for identifying and resolving problems outside of the speed provided to your property.

Data Use

Skyrunner provides Internet plans that include a data threshold and plans with unlimited data. The data terms of your current plan should be stated on your recurring Invoice or Sales Receipt. Please let us know if it isn’t. If you exceed the data threshold of your plan, you will be billed for any extra data use at the rate stated on your recurring Invoice or Sales Receipt. You can monitor your data use by logging into our data monitoring service on our website. Let us know if you’d like a free login to do this.

The most common reason for exceeding the data threshold on your Internet plan is streaming or downloading TV shows or movies using your Internet connection. This includes streaming services such as Netflix, Hulu, HBO Go, Showtime Anytime, YouTube, iTunes and Amazon etc and streaming devices such as Amazon Fire TV, Chromecast, Roku, Apple TV etc. This also includes TV shows or movies you watch “On Demand” when your Skyrunner Internet connection is connected to your DIRECTV, Dish Network and other TV/movie providers. There can be other reasons. Please see our Video Streaming Guide at for more information. Let us know if you’d like to discuss any other possible reasons for high data use.

Unlimited data plans cannot be used for two buildings on the same property by the same customer. For example, if we provide service to your home and a wireless or cable link is created between the home and a guest house on the property, one unlimited data plan cannot be used for both buildings. You must have one Internet plan with a data threshold shared between both buildings or two separate Internet plans of your choice – one for each building.

Network Maintenance, Upgrades and Outages

We are always working behind the scenes, day and night, to optimize and improve the reliability of our service by undertaking maintenance and upgrade work. If possible, we do this work between midnight and 6am, when disruption of service will be minimized. However, this is not always possible. We reserve the right to undertake this work at a time that is best suited for the work and resources available to us. When planned maintenance or upgrade work will disrupt your service, or if there is an unplanned network outage, you will be notified by phone and we will provide information on the network status tab of our home page.


Skyrunner is available 24/7 on (828) 258-8562 for tech support calls. You can also submit a contact form here. Connection problems can often be resolved using a few simple steps. Please see our tech support guide on the technical support  for resolving connection problems. For all account and general support, please contact us Monday through Friday, 9am through 6pm.

If you’re away from the property

If you’re away from the property for a minimum of one month, you are welcome to benefit from our “away” rate of $10/month. This rate is the same regardless of the level of service we provide you with. In order to benefit from this rate, please contact us before you leave the property as the antenna power supply needs to be plugged into an electrical outlet so we can access your connection and disable it. If we cannot access it, your monthly bill cannot be reduced to the away rate. If you’ve been away from the property and will be returning for less than a month, we can temporarily enable your service using a prorated sliding scale for a minimum fee of $20 and a maximum of the regular monthly rate for your plan. When you return to the property, you can call us and have your service enabled and your monthly bill restored to the usual monthly rate for your plan.

If you need a repair

Customers are never charged for the following repairs:

  • Problems caused by technician error
  • Repairs related to loss of line of sight
  • Age-related failure of the antenna, cable and/or power supply
  • Mechanical failure of the antenna, cable and/or power supply of no known cause

Customers who have not signed up for our Hardware Protection Plan will be charged for the following repairs:

  • Damage caused by a lightning storm
  • Damage caused by human error
  • Damage caused by domestic or wild animals
  • Loss of line of sight caused by customer
  • Equipment upgrade needed to restore service lost by loss of line of sight
  • Equipment damaged by power/electrical issues

The minimum cost of a repair described above is $75.00/hour. Replacement of an antenna is $100.00. This expense can be avoided if you sign up for the Hardware Protection Plan for $5.00/month. Please see our Hardware Protection Plan Guide located here for more information. You must sign up for the Hardware Protection Plan prior to the repair and it must be kept active throughout the entire year to be valid, not just during the summer lightning season.

If we schedule a repair thought to be caused by a problem with the Internet service but find that the problem is with some other issue outside of our control, such as human error, a computer virus, internal network problem, insufficient WiFi signal or computer failure, we will charge a minimum of $75.00/hour for that visit.

If you’d like a Service Call

Skyrunner provides service calls in order to troubleshoot, resolve and improve WiFi and other networking needs or problems. We’re also happy to relocate or remount an antenna, run or re-run a cable or any other task you’d like us to carry out at your request. Service calls are $75/hour.

If you get behind on your bills

If a customer has two or more bills that are past due or your credit or debit card is declined on two or more occasions, we will contact the customer to invite him or her to pay the balance in full or create a payment plan. If we are unable to contact the customer or create a plan within 5 days, we will temporarily disable service until a minimum of 50% of the balance is paid.

Abusive Internet Use

We reserve the right to disable the service of any customer we believe is involved in spamming, distributing pornography, hosting offensive websites, illegal distribution of copyrighted material or excessive multi-connection file sharing. Service can be enabled again once the situation has been assessed and the abuse has stopped.

If you need to cancel service

You may cancel service at any time and we will cease billing and recover our equipment. There is no cancellation fee. If you’re canceling your service because you’re moving, you must contact us to cancel before moving out. If you unplug the Skyrunner hardware and move out and we are not able to access the connection to disable it, a one time $100 fee will be added to your closing balance.

Changes to this Service Guide

We reserve the right to edit this Service Guide at any time. To request an updated version of this service guide, please submit a contact form here.