Case Studies

Skyrunner provides Internet solutions for small to large sized businesses. Skyrunner can set-up Internet links between buildings on-site and complete Wi-Fi solutions for multiple buildings and large outdoor spaces.

The following recent projects illustrate the Internet solutions we provide, custom built to each client’s specifications. 

“We moved business locations and found it very difficult to set up service with the cable company. When we called their tech desk to check the problem they said the speed we need is not available. We decided to try Skyrunner. Soon after having Skyrunner service, we experienced a technical problem. We called for support and got someone on the phone right away, who diagnosed and resolved our problem within minutes! Thank you! We are happy campers. I will definitely recommend your service.”
Hugh, Business Customer

Lake Eden Arts Festival

Superfast temporary connection for a large local favorite family-friendly festival.

When it comes to fast, reliable broadband Internet service, the Lake Eden Arts Festival is a great example of how our customer service speed and flexibility matches our Internet speed and flexibility. We’ve enjoyed collaborating with LEAF and iamavl for a long time and this year’s festival was no exception. iamavl wanted to live stream performances at the main festival tent on the Internet and Skyrunner was their first choice. With an electrical supply being the only requirement, we installed a fast, reliable connection in less than an hour, provided technical support throughout the festival weekend and, at the end of the festival, uninstalled the connection in less than 30 minutes. The whole project went off without a hitch – the performances were live streamed to the world on the Skyrunner Internet connection and the guys at iamavl were very happy with the result.

For a fast, reliable, affordable temporary Internet connection, Skyrunner Internet is the perfect local choice for festivals, fairs, exhibitions, farmer’s markets and music and art events. We’ll have you up and running in no time, provide a connection for as short as long as you need and provide exceptional technical support throughout your event.

We look forward to supporting your next local event in Western North Carolina.

Vacation Resorts International

Combining the idyllic vacation setting of Lake Lure, NC, with up to 100 Mbps Internet service usually only found in metro cities in a multi-building resort setting.

Vacation Resorts International is a multinational leader in family and corporate vacations, creating locations that make their guests feel both at home and, at the same time, somewhere completely different. At their location in Lake Lure, NC, they combine the dream-like setting of iconic Lake Lure with the benefits of modern living. Like any modern resort location, Vacation Resorts International approached Skyrunner Internet with the need for high speed broadband Internet service for all of their 150 vacation homes on their expansive lake-side property. With the deployment of our nearby fiber POP (point of presence) and our state-of-the-art wireless technology, Skyrunner Internet provides reliable broadband Internet speeds for all residents on the resort, regardless of the number of guests. This has been achieved using the latest carrier class ac antennas with reduced latency, revolutionary filtering technology creating RF immunity, with a superior processing backbone that magnifies throughput by several orders of magnitude. Bandwidth is distributed consistently throughout the resort with the fine granular management of high powered UniFi access points, which supports custom configuration and complete scalability using an intuitive management interface at a disruptive price. All of this was installed for Vacation Resorts International with the efficiency, responsiveness, expertise and friendliness that our customers expect, all at a fraction of the price, and with much faster speeds, than would otherwise be available in the Lake Lure area.

24/7 Monitoring & Management

Skyrunner Internet monitors and manages the Vacation Resorts International network in Lake Lure, NC, from our headquarters at The Broadband Building in downtown Asheville, NC, which is 35 miles away. Our state-of-the-art technology gives us the capacity to monitor and manage the entire network remotely, optimizing bandwidth flow, enhancing capacity and resolving issues very quickly with no technical knowledge or experience necessary from the resort managers, freeing them to do their job while we take pride in doing our job, working for them behind the scenes, night and day, so that the network runs with optimal efficiency at all times.

Part of the Vacation Resorts International location in Lake Lure, NC. Vacation chalets are located in between the iconic lake and the popular golf course. This map locates each of the high powered wireless access points located in each vacation unit, providing complete granularity to isolate function efficiency and any technical problems.

The UniFi Controller interface, accessible remotely, allows the Skyrunner technical team to monitor and manage the network, optimizing bandwidth flow for an exceptional experience of using the Internet. No personal information or browsing history is accessible by the team.

Pisgah Inn

The hotel hot spot at the peak of the Blue Ridge Parkway.

The famous Pisgah Inn is located at the foot of Mount Pisgah, offering stunning panoramic views of the Blue Ridge Mountains. With visitors from all over the world, who expect to be able to send pictures of the breathtaking scenery to their friends and family, the Inn needed to be able to provide broadband Internet service to all of their guests, despite the rural location. Skyrunner Internet connects to the global fiber network in this area and has created a wireless link from there to where the Inn is located, connecting an otherwise technologically isolated location at the top of the world to to the rest of the world! Skyrunner Internet has deployed a number of strategically located high powered UniFi access points to cover the whole hotel with Wi-Fi cover.

The UniFi Controller provides the Skyrunner team with information about Wi-Fi coverage 24/7, identifying hot spots and cold spots for coverage optimisation. The network is secure, with hotel guests not able to access other devices on the network and the Skyrunner team not able to access personal information or browsing history.

Strategically located high powered UniFi access points provides maximum Wi-Fi coverage at the Pisgah Inn.

The UniFi Controller interface provides statistics on connected devices and bandwidth usage so the user experience can be optimised at all times.