Building to Building Wireless Links

Whether you’re a residential customer wanting an Internet link to your guest house, garage or studio, or a business customer needing to create Internet links to multiple buildings, we create a custom solution for your needs. Creating wireless Internet links from building to building can have many benefits. It eliminates the issue of connecting to Wi-Fi in an adjacent building. This can be unreliable, dropping the connection often, and can reduce Internet speed a lot. A wireless Internet link can also link buildings up to a few miles apart, much farther than the range of a wireless router. For business Internet service, it can also support up to gigbit speeds, so there is no need for the time and expense involved in building out fiber. Using small, discreet antennas no bigger than a smartphone, our wireless Internet links do not have any signal or speed loss issues yet we can install them very quickly and at much lower cost than building out fiber.

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