1. Start Mozilla Thunderbird.
  2. If you are starting Mozilla Thunderbird for the first time skip to step 6!
  3. From the Tools menu, select Account Settings…
  4. Select Email account and then click Continue.
  5. Enter your complete name and email address and then click Next.
  6. Within the Account Wizard Server Information dialog, enter the details below:
    • Select the type of the incoming server you are using.
      Use POP for a desktop computer, and IMAP for mobile devices such as notebooks and cellphones.
    • Enter the name of your incoming server (for example, “mail.skyrunner.net”).
    • Choose your Global Inbox selection, and then click Next.
    • Enter your incoming and outgoing user names, and then click Next.
    • Verify your account information, and then click Finish.
    • Then, from within the Account Settings select Outgoing Mail Server and enter the details below:
      • Server Name: Enter your incoming mail server, for example: mail.skyrunner.net. This depends on your email provider.
      • Port: Enter your mail server port, for example: 110. This depends on your email provider.
      • User Name: This is usually your complete email address, although some providers use just the username before the “@” symbol.
      • Server Settings: Choose the options that you require.
      • Click OK.
  7. Click Continue.
  8. DONE!

You should now be able to send and receive email using Mozilla Thunderbird!